Why is it so important for children to develop fine motor skills of hands?

Why is it so important for children to develop fine motor skills of hands ? The fact that the human brain centers responsible for speech and movement of the fingers , are very close . Stimulating fine motor skills and thereby enhancing the relevant parts of the brain , we will intensify and adjacent areas that are responsible for it .
Educators and psychologists , unanimously agree that the fine motor skills are very important, because it develops a higher quality of consciousness , such as attention, thinking , coordination , imagination , observation , visual and motor memory , speech. The development of fine motor skills is also important for when the child grows up, he will need the precise coordinated movements to write, dress , and perform a variety of household and other activities .

Consequently, our chain can be completed .

Fine motor skills – speech – perception – the higher mental functions (thinking, memory, attention ) .

The correct development of fine motor skills also determines the formation of the child’s sensory-motor coordination – concerted action of hands and eyes. With the help of a child exploring their environment , control its motion , so that they become more sophisticated and accurate. Eye , as it were ‘training’ in hand , and using hand motions in the objects manipulated by the child , opened more new information . Vision and arm movements are the main source of knowledge of child reality. By studying all sorts of things , touching and feeling their hands , the child comes to understand causal relationships . The older the child becomes, the more he uses his hands and fingers to repeat what he saw , or exercise plan. He builds houses, towers and bridges , draws people and animals , letters and numbers, and eventually learning to write .

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