Educational activities and games with sand in practice
The objectives of training

  • The development of cognitive and mental processes of perception ( shape, color , holistic perception) , memory, attention, thinking , imagination, spatial representations .
  • The development of imagination, visual-figurative thinking, verbal and logical thinking, creative thinking , encouraging children to take action and focus , promoting the manifestation of empathy.


  • Train the ability to answer the questions of the problem – the nature of the search
  • To teach special movements and their children perform
  • Learn to build a track in the sand on the model
  • Consolidate ideas about the world


  • Develop mental processes (attention , memory)
  • Develop fine tactile sensation, fine motor skills


  • Cause a positive emotional state , enjoy the games and joint activities with other children
  • Educate attentive attitude to the team in the organization of group activities
  • Educate auditory attention and memory
  • Nurture kindness , respect for all living things
  • Improve the skills of positive communication

The basic principles of games on the sand

  • Creating an enabling natural environment in which the child feels comfortable and protected , showing creativity , chosen for this task , the relevant circumstances of the child

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