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Your baby is still small, and it has much to teach .
                                                                     How is it done ?

Playing with the sand a good start to practice with your child . With us you will discover the creative potential of the child , your little one in our classes to learn to paint with sand , it is better to speak , learn to work in a group to distinguish between colors , combine the items featured ,

compare predmetypo largest , and lots more. And our games will always help with the sand to rest after mental or physical exertion .

For a kid – a great opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of fantasy and creativity.

Remember that developing games develop the child’s thinking , teach him to express his own thoughts and feelings.

We opened our studio under the name ” Sand country” to work with children , in order to assist parents in the development of children. Sand in working with children is used for sensory development , as well as for the development of other cognitive areas of the child. Touching hands grit baby develops fine motor skills , and determining the amount of sand that you want to pour into molds and develops good eye . Sand develops creative abilities of the child .

Choosing our lesson, you will find the developmental activities with games with sand for children, warm attitude , good atmosphere , playing with young certified teachers , individual attention to each child.

We invite parents with children from 3 years to 12 years employment with the help of sand.

Educational activities and games with sand for children from 3 years to 7 years

In the classroom :

  1. Development of the creative potential of children
  2. The development of cognitive areas of child
  3. The development of children’s horizons
  4. Educational games
  5. Drawing and playing with sand
  6. Opportunity for kids to interact with each other and share skills successfully .

Drawing with sand for children from 5 years to 12 years

The syllabus aims to :

  • development of the creative potential of the child ( imaging , speech, imagination ) .
  • training in the sand painting ;
  • development of fine motor skills of hands ;
  • inculcation of interest in creative activities ;
  • education perseverance in children

Individual and group lessons for children.

Speech therapy

Your child needs professional help if:

  • This child is not legible . It can be understood only by parents and those who know him well . The child speaks softly many sounds as if he is still dominated by small or hard sounds as if he has an accent. The pronunciation of certain sounds in speech appears squish overtone , the air is somehow in sideways , the sounds of ” C”, ” S “, ” C” says the Englishman – between the teeth , with the pronunciation of sounds , ” W “, “F” inflates cheeks, and the sound of the “P” says the Frenchman . He has a beautiful sound grassiruyuschy .
  • For 3-4 years, he does not hear the syllables in a word , the word distorted beyond recognition , says only a few syllables , can not talk over the whole word ; reduces word missing some consonants and syllables , or keep back word to the end, says the word several times in differently.
  • By age 5, has not formed a connected speech. The child is difficult to make a proposal for a film , can not determine the sequence of actions , limited to the items listed , or uses some very short sentences .
  • By 5-6 years disrupted the overall structure of speech: it does not properly construct sentences , words do not agree in gender, number and case , improperly using prepositions and conjunctions .

If you experience such problems , be prepared to ensure that their need to fix a lot of effort time. Here you will find help in the face of a young speech therapist certification . Only a qualified speech therapist can assess the situation , point to the need for special classes and give you a detailed konsultatsiyu.My ‘ll help in our classrooms .

Classes for children from 3 years

Speech therapist helping children with delay :
- Speech development ;
- Memory ;
- Attention;
- Logical thinking.
- Phonemic hearing ;
- Connected speech ;
- Fine motor skills and overall ;
- Correction zvukoproiznosheniya .

Classes for children from 2 years -2.5 ” My first words “

Private lessons with a teacher.

Directed to:

  • development of fine motor skills
  • the development of speech
  • Improved knowledge about the world
  • educational games

Holidays for children

Birthday child is one of the most exciting days of the year , so it should be noted so fun to have a holiday for a long time remained in the memory !

All parents try to create conditions so that the holiday has passed , as their dreams of a child. In this case, everyone wants a child’s birthday is not cost him too much.

The organization of the birth of a child – any activity that requires long painstaking preparation that prevent defects and errors, so it is better to entrust this process real professionals ! We can help you celebrate the birthday of a child inexpensive, bright and fun !

Every child dreams of the most magical birthday, so it was like a fairy tale !

Who among us has not dreamed of as a child on his birthday fun with a clown or visit the fairy tale, laugh with friends. Of course, this would all without exception. So why not arrange this opportunity for your child ? Your little birthday boy will absolutely love it ! Here you will find a warm atmosphere , a good attitude , personal approach to you and to your young guests , as well as a variety of games adventurous journeys into the world of fairy tales and sand castles , and most importantly a good mood.

And also can use the service

Akvagrima ( prettification persons Children)

You can invite a child’s birthday a professional children’s photographer. Which capture the most pleasant and positive aspects of your holiday .

We are confident that by ordering our services , you are sure to see us again and again , it’s so nice to see the smiles on the faces of his own children !

Drawing with sand for pregnant women.

Course under the name of “Mother and Puzik “

Duration of training 60 minutes.

Trainees – pregnant women

Pregnancy makes a woman truly beautiful . But during pregnancy, there are many questions that need to find an answer .

The main objective of the course – creating the right atmosphere of psychological and emotional harmony, contributing to favorable course of pregnancy and delivery , the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills needed before and after the birth of a baby + drawing with sand that helps to keep away from the bustle of the world and a dip in your private world.

This course does not prepare a specific method of delivery does not include medical management and counseling of pregnant women.

Workshops for children and adults

Skrabuking , kviling , decoupage and other equipment.

We will be happy to see you.

We are in the bargain. center “Jumbo” on the 4th floor . Booth . № 424

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